winetattoo winetrail-9
Cannonau grapes
winetattoo winetrail-13
Prosecco vineyards in Valdobbiadene
winetattoo winetrail-2
Autumn in the hills of Friuli's Collio
winetattoo winetrail-4
A feast of charcuterie in the Jura
winetattoo winetrail-3
Champagne Aspasie - checking the ageing process
winetattoo winetrail-5
Champagne Gardet - the key moment of tasting for the assemblage of a vintage
winetattoo winetrail-6
Cutting back in the vines in winter
winetattoo winetrail-7
Chianti Classico - greatest butcher in Tuscany, Dario Cecchini
winetattoo winetrail-8
The town of Sancerre surrounded by its vineyards
winetattoo winetrail-10
Sardinia - riccota freshly made that morning with a crisp Rose
winetattoo winetrail-11
Tasting Cannonau with Peppe Fulghesuu
winetattoo winetrail-12
Val de Charron, Wellington, South Africa
winetattoo winetrail-16
Wine & Food pairing in Paarl, Cape vineyards
winetattoo winetrail-14
Holden Manz, Franschhoek, Cape vineyards
winetattoo winetrail-15
Nabygelegen outdoor tasting room, Wellington, South Africa
winetattoo winetrail-17
Autumn at Venissa, Venice lagoon island
winetattoo winetrail-18
winetattoo winetrail-19
Organic weed-killing in Alto Adige
winetattoo winetrail-20
100 year-old bush vine, Puglia
winetattoo winetrail-22
The King of Barrels, Appolonia, Puglia
winetattoo winetrail-23
Seafood risotto, Locorotondo, Puglia
winetattoo winetrail-21
Piedmont in winter
winetattoo winetrail
Wine cathedral, Jura
winetattoo winetrail-24
Daily work in the vineyard, Burgundy
winetattoo winetrail-25
Clos de Vougeot, Burgundy
winetattoo winetrail-26
Ancient vintages, Richebourg 1875, Burgundy
winetattoo winetrail-27

After a year travelling the vineyards of France, Italy and South Africa, Lonely Planet have now published the book Wine Trails. Apart from the regions I covered, the book also includes Australia, Usa, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand – as well as Georgia, Lebanon, Marocco and England. Here is a preview of images from my chapters that are not in the book but that express the amazing winemakers I met on this journey