Setting off from the boatyard with the cemetery island of San Michele in the distance
winetattoo voga-2
Thames Dragons climbing aboard
winetattoo voga-4
The Start - San Marco Campanile
winetattoo voga-9
winetattoo voga-11
The Start - Island of san Giorgo
winetattoo voga-12
The Start - Salute
winetattoo voga-13
The Cannon fires a puff of smoke and the Vogalonga begins
winetattoo voga-15
Dragon Boat from Toulouse
winetattoo voga-16
Dragon Boat drummer
winetattoo voga-17
Voga Veneta
winetattoo voga-18
Tradional Venetian rowing - along way to
winetattoo voga-20
Coming round the island of Sant' Erasmo
winetattoo voga-21
winetattoo voga-22
On the way to Burano
winetattoo voga-23
Island of Mazzorbo
winetattoo voga-24
Some people will end up very sunburnt
winetattoo voga-19
More sunburn
winetattoo voga-29
Venice's famous Settimari rowing club
winetattoo voga-25
Coming into Murano
winetattoo voga-26
The Vogalonga salute
winetattoo voga-27
Rowrs from Sette in France
winetattoo voga-28
Canal di Cannaregio
winetattoo voga-32
Boats stuck under Ponte Tre Archi
winetattoo voga-33
even the police look happy
winetattoo voga-34
Thanmes Dragons under the Accademia Bridge
winetattoo voga-7
Grand Canal, Ca'Foscari university
winetattoo voga-5
German oompah band
winetattoo voga-35
Peggy Guggenheim museum
winetattoo voga-36
He has rowed a long way!
winetattoo voga-37
The Finish!
winetattoo voga-38
The Finish
winetattoo voga-39
Thames Dragons - exhausted!
winetattoo voga-40

One day of the year, motorised boats are banned in Venice and the clock is turned back to when everyone in the city rowed their own boats. This is the day of the Vogalonga, a unique marathon row of 30 kilometres, beginning in St Mark’s Basin , around the lagoon and its islands and back along the Grand Canal. Over 3000 boats participate in this  non-competitive course – there is no winner, race times are not announced – from traditional Venetian boats where just one person rows ‘alla Veneta’, standing up like a gondolier, to canoes and kayaks, rowing and dragon boats.


I participated in this year’s 40th edition – photographing more than paddling with the Thames Dragons, and this portfolio lets you follow the Vogalonga from start to finish.